Dienstag, 16. August 2016

afaao in Tartu (EE) / ASAP/8

The upcoming symposium of the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present, ASAP/8, wil take place in Tartu, Estonia, 3-5 September with the topic Alternatives to the Present and poses the question:

How and to what ends do the contemorary arts conceptualize, represent, and model new spaces and temproalities? 

Foteini Papadopoulou will present the concepts developed for afaao with a paper titled: 

Perceiving Movement: 
Transdisciplinary Concepts of Space and Time for a Multimedia Dance Performance's Augmented Space-time

“What do you see, when you observe movement?”
In the project ‘as far as abstract objects’ (2014, Essen, Germany) an international team of artists, scientists and technicians worked together, researching movement perception by creating a contemporary multimedia dance performance. With analysis/composition tools such as concepts from movement notation, architecture, probability theory, sound analysis, 3D-animation and motion tracking, the team worked collectively on imaginative intermediate movement transformations and the development of corresponding space and time concepts.

Two media were used in the performance, complementing the dancers’ live movements: digital media art based on processing live video feeds and space filling electronic sound installation. Their employment aimed at augmenting the restricted space-time of a live performance, opening up alternative views on a movement’s fleeting moment, articulating and communicating its hidden dynamic structures. The choreography unfolding was dealing with the tensions between fundamental aspects of movement, e.g. sequentiality/simultaneity, change of location/rotation, gesture/transference of weight. The space that live movement, animated image and sound co-inhabited was arranged to suit the performance’s intended ‘game of perception’: With the stage placed centrally and two projection screens hanging from the ceiling as a key structuring element of the set, each member of the audience would view and experience a slightly or considerably different version of the events, depending on the location of their seat.

‘as far as abstract objects’ can be viewed as a comment on the fact, that what we see is just what we see, an event perceived with the restrictions of a live experience’s temporal and spatial coordinates, i.e. the one moment in time and the one perspective on space. However, a body’s movement is a complex four dimensional phenomenon and a shift in the line of time or a change of perspective can often reveal a new surprising experience of the same event. 

The space arrangement of afaao for the Maschinenhaus Essen

Design: André Mehlhop-Lange


You can download the symposium's program HERE

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